While bathroom designs might be all about functionality, trust us when we say this, the design aspect of your bathroom matters.

A well-designed bathroom should be able to pack some drama without it looking too overwhelming. You can easily achieve this by adding a balanced mix of soothing elements with neutral hues and contemporary accessories to craft a living space filled with charm.

From stunning laminate floors to contemporary sconces, read ahead to learn how to convert your bathroom into a stress-free space.

a modern bathroom space.

1. Fun and Whimsical

Who says that crafting a soothing bathroom space means only selecting pieces that look sophisticated? You can experiment with all kinds of fun and whimsical décor elements that will fill your space with life and energy.

Opt for bold hues instead of a pastel color palette, layers of texture, enriching accents, and gold and silver schemes. You can add a dramatic ethos with a crown molding installation, a floral wallpaper, and gilt-framed mirrors that will emphasize the texture.

2. Add Light and Colors

If you have limited square footage in your bathroom space, we recommend installing a striking light fixture to make a bold statement.

Pair your stunning light fixtures with custom doors, Regency-style mirrors, mahogany walls, and blush pink pendant lights to introduce a Zen quality.

Don’t forget to accessorize with Braquenie toile de Jouy textiles, antique wooden pieces, golden sconces, and Sicilian chandeliers.

3. An Earthy Paradise

What better way to create a stress-free space if not with the color du jour of the century – green?

Green invokes feelings of serenity and placidity. You can never go wrong by opting for a green-colored space that evokes lush rainforests, moss, and grass.

Enliven your bathroom space with teal green tiles, laminate floors, lacquered green walls, and floral wallpaper filled with green hues.

You can also consider adding classic marble with a pebbled finish instead of stone surfaces.

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