As winters are coming to an end, most people will invest most of their savings and time in redoing their gardens, backyards, and other landscaping projects. But as hard-core design lovers, we must drag your attention back to interior décor and how it’s important to give it a makeover if you really want to feel the change.

For a transformational spring home makeover, it’s important that you understand the underlying themes of the season. Hues of green and brown, mixed with bright floral colors can have a great effect on your interior décor.

Thinking about making the necessary BC home renovation to turn your home spring friendly? Check out some of these ideas we know you’d love to explore!

Splurge on a Bright Rug

If you’ve got the money to make impressionable changes, it’s important that you spend it on a bright and big rug. If you don’t want to change too much but still want a significant change, a bright and stylish rug is one of the best ways to get things together.

You can choose a bright yellow or green color, with leaf or flower patterns that can brighten up the whole place.

Incorporate Unique Doors

A large living room with large iron doors.

Classic wooden doors are a thing of the past, and most modern-day architecture embraces stylish steel and iron doors that enhance the overall look of a house. You can choose between pivot doors, sliding doors, and even pocket doors to save up some space.

Wallpaper, Luxurious Bedding, and More!

Do you want to incorporate flashy changes to the entire place? Here’s what you can do: you can use a mix of luxurious bedding and add some wallpapers here and there to create the perfect interior design for your house.

You can add bright solid wallpaper in your living room and align furniture with contrasting colors. You can add a solid dark color to your bedroom wall and use some luxurious bed sheets and pillows to give it a completely enthralling, regal appearance.

We Help You Remodel in Style!

Home renovations can become hectic and confusing when you’re not sure how to execute the plethora of ideas you’ve got up your sleeves. Luckily, at Galley by Keyhan, we offer you experienced, licensed, and talented home renovation contractors for British Columbia.

We offer a range of services, including custom door installations, laminating wooden floors, baseboard installation, railing system installation, and a lot more.

If you’ve got questions about our services and procedures, you can give us a call today.

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