3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professionals For Baseboard Installation

A modern living room with light wooden baseboards.

Baseboards are important tools for homes that have a lot of foot traffic. They provide a junction where the wall meets the floor, concealing any gaps or unevenness on the ground. They protect the lower parts of the walls from marks and damage caused by foot traffic and furniture. Additionally, they can also serve as […]

Wooden Floors or Carpeting: The Ultimate Floor Design for Your Home Renovation Project

A room with wooden floors and a wooden table in the middle.

Hailing from the Mughal dynasty, carpeting was a status symbol and made its way to modern architecture and interior design. While some people still use carpeting to create the perfect and balanced look within their households, others have moved away from complete floor carpeting and become more comfortable with wooden floors and small rugs.

A Colorful Spring Home Makeover – Tips and Tricks

A beautiful wall with flowers, plants, and wooden furniture.

As winters are coming to an end, most people will invest most of their savings and time in redoing their gardens, backyards, and other landscaping projects. But as hard-core design lovers, we must drag your attention back to interior décor and how it’s important to give it a makeover if you really want to feel […]

How to Give Your Home a Makeover Inspired by Famous Paintings

Several picture frames aligned on a blank white wall

Can you imagine the perfect blend of subtle wall colors, high ceiling décor, full-length obsidian glass windows, regal colors, and some breathtaking wall art by famous painted pulling your entire interior décor together? It sounds like a dream to us.

3 2023 Kitchen Trends That Are Big on Style

a modern kitchen space.

Ever since the pandemic, people have realized the importance of home. It’s essential to have cozy spaces that evoke placidity and happiness. The kitchen space is no exception. The kitchen is the heart and stomach of your home, where you practice your culinary skills, prepare heart-warming meals, cook with your family, and indulge in delicious […]

3 Home Repairs You Should Leave to the Pros

Home Repairs

Many homeowners, when planning a home renovation project, usually have a few things on their minds. They know this project will boost their property’s value, amplify curb appeal, and give their home a refreshing new look that sparks joy.