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Community volunteer Carpentry work

Seniors / home owner, with income less than $1500.00 , or combined income with spouse $3000.00 Canadian Dollar per month can get one day or 5 hours work for free. Mosques and Churches are included in this program. Aim for your project and we can make it happen. However, you must provide proof of the conditions above (one time only). If your project is more than 5 hours the next visit would be inline for the next available upcoming time (usually 2-3 month rotation).

Service area within 30 KM radius

The work order must be approved by us.

The available date will always be on this page. First come , First served.

Available date at this time is:

Sat. November 14, 2020

Thank you for understanding

Please fill out the form (preferred) , or contact us through email or phone call to get into the schedule.


Gallery Keyhan

Call: 1-250-317-1913