Although this year, most of the décor magazines were buzzing about minimalist décor trends and mid century modern elements, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with bold colors and maximalist styles.

Imagine a room featuring a blissful blend of parquet floors, full-length obsidian glass doors, intricate chinoiserie, frothy curtains, crown moldings, and regal colors – isn’t that a dream?

As the dreary days of winter pave the way for new décor trends, it’s about time you revamp your home with vintage designs that are quaint and charming.

Here are some of our favorite vintage-inspired home décor trends that we know you’d love to explore.

Sweet and Cozy

There is nothing quite as charming as the cottage-core design that features chinoiserie wallpaper, furnishings with marquetry, gold-gilded chandeliers, and bleached wooden floors.

Only a few pairings embody the synergy between vintage graphic motifs and a Parisian-themes décor, and we can assure you that is one of them. Don’t forget to add a hearty mix of your favorite accessories to craft a living space that is tranquil and visually appealing.

Bold Silhouettes and Renaissance-style Maximalism

Opt for a strikingly bold look with rich textures, colors, and glamorous accessories. You can add a rejuvenating dramatic flair to your living space with frothy taffeta curtains, elaborate windows, chinoiserie wallpapers, objets d’art, and mahogany furnishings.

You can also maximize depth and dimension in your rooms by installing custom-made sliding doors or floor-to-ceiling windows.

Opulent Textures and Brass Accents

a home with gray walls.

If you’re someone who enjoys the gothic style but with a touch of sophistication, we recommend building a cozy-looking alcove in your living room and lining it with mesh-fronted wooden shelves filled with antique hardcover books.

You can add amethyst studded chandeliers, French mahogany tables, chintz upholstery, and sage green boiserie to inject a dose of character into your space.

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