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Get Quality Heritage House Restoration Services in Kelowna

Are you someone who’s looking to breathe new life into your beautiful heritage house? Heritage houses have unique living spaces that have the energy of unchanging museums and one-of-a-kind generational charm that is historically sensitive. But when it comes to heritage house restoration, it’s essential to find someone who can give your home a brand-new look while retaining its artful patina. This is why our qualified contractors are here to help.

At Gallery by Kehan, we have a decade of experience serving a long list of our residential and commercial clients with integrity. We take inspiration from stories surrounding the structures we’re working on restoring and aim to craft a living space that blends the past and present.

Restoring historic property requires specialized knowledge, tools, and appropriate skills. This is because heritage house restoration is about maximizing its functionality while maintaining its historic charm.

Our skilled experts have comprehensive knowledge of home renovation projects and will provide full-spectrum renovation services that will last for years. With our expertise in traditional construction and unique home décor techniques, we will provide impeccable craftsmanship that includes woodwork, stonework, metalwork, and interior décor.

Once you book a consultation with us, our technicians will understand your specific needs and requirements. Then we will work to devise an in-depth plan to give your home a brand-new look while keeping its original charm and historical value. Ready to work with our experts for your heritage house restoration project? Get in touch with us today, and we will provide you with all the required details.