As we usher in the new season and the warm colors of fall, it becomes necessary to breathe new life into your living space with a refreshing new coat of paint, one-of-a-kind artisan–crafted accessories, and custom door installations.

But it can be difficult to find the right décor options and ideas to rejuvenate your home. You can mix and match textures, add cheery accents, and introduce new furnishings, but finding the perfect balance can be complicated.

This is why we recommend the Parisian style!

Elusive, classic, and minimalist, Parisian décor is a paragon of sophistication. Rich textiles, antique furniture, gold-clad chandeliers, and that certain je ne sais quoi. The Parisian way will give you the perfect trifecta of relaxed, cozy, and dynamic.

Read ahead to learn how to give your home a mini makeover the Parisian way with pocket doors.

Create a Soothing Meditation Corner

If you’re someone who enjoys all things Zen, we recommend creating a mind-harmonizing meditation corner. Your special Zen room will provide you with a sense of calm, improve productivity, and ensure you’re feeling relaxed and serene.

Start by introducing a Parisian élan with exuberant colors like deeply saturated blue, berry pink, acid yellow, or glossy black. You can install large windows or add pocket doors that come with a blend of glass to merge the indoors with the outdoors.

This will also fill your space with a lot of natural light and gives you the perfect opportunity to add your favorite plants. We suggest adding chartreuse echeverias or peace lilies for a fresh touch.

Persian rugs, antique bookshelves, and marquetry furnishings will make your décor look more put together.

Dramatic Ethos in an Enchanted Space

a living space with wooden flooring.

Want to induce nostalgia and have a dramatic space at the same time?

Transform your living space into an enchanted forest with plush sage green carpeting, wooden floors, a crisp color palette, and pocket doors.

Introduce an element of otherworldliness with chintz wallpaper, vintage furnishings, pleated lampshades, and botanical prints to curate a space that looks absolutely captivating.

Wicker-Accented and Pocket Doors

If you’re planning a luxurious home renovation, opt for tried-and-true neutrals and pair them with bright accents and wicker furniture.

Wicker is a time-honored material that never fails to look stunning. You can always add punchy and tropical colors for a fun look and install pocket doors for maximizing light and dimension. For accessories, we recommend sconce-flanked full-length mirrors, limestone floors, metallic pendant lights, and Spanish esparto rugs.

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