A house without sleek and modern crown molding designs can look heavy, outdated, and boring. But do crown moldings create an aesthetical appeal that can’t be achieved without any other interior modification?

Crown molding is a decorative trim added to the upper part of the wall where the ceiling and the wall meet. These architectural details add a little glamour and character to the room that they’re added to. Crown moldings come in different material options, such as wood, density fiberboard, and PVC. You can use either material to create modern-day crown molding for different rooms in your house.

But how do you decide which crown molding works best in your house? There are several designs that you can use within the house to create the perfect look. Here are some of the most popular crown molding designs to help you accentuate the house.

Let’s begin.

1. Modern Crown Molding

If you’re looking for a modern-day look for your English country house, it’s time to look closer at modern-day crown moldings. These are simple, have clean design lines, and lack the traditional bulky crown molding look.

2. Matching Crown Molding

Traditionally, crown moldings are supposed to differ slightly from the base wall color and the ceiling shade. However, in modern architecture, several people use matching crown moldings to create the perfect look in the house. The same tones help accentuate the ceiling while drawing more attention to the contrast of the wall rather than the molding itself.

3. High Contrast Crown Molding

An empty white-tiled room with black doors and lined walls crown molding design

While some enjoy monochromatic crown moldings, others are more inclined towards a high-contrast crown molding that creates a vibrant and eye-catching appearance. The basic black wall and a thick, bulky white crown molding are great examples of high-contrast crown molding. The crisp line in the design helps creates a boho interior décor style.

4. Large Crown Molding

Even though most people are now more inclined towards simple and easy crown molding designs, one of the most popular ones has to be large crown moldings. These large crown moldings are a great way to enhance the house’s overall look.

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